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How a nurse review can help you manage sore skin

You may have heard of an Appliance Usage Review, or AUR? It’s the term the NHS uses to describe the formal review of your stoma health by a qualified nurse. It’s an opportunity for you to talk to a specialist nurse about any issues you may be having with your stoma, bags and accessories. This can include physical problems with sore skin, leakages or how to adapt your product to fit your lifestyle. The stoma nurse will review the bag you're using as well as any accessories or complementary products you may have been prescribed.

During the review the nurse will look at the bag you're using to ensure it fits properly, it doesn’t matter if you have had recent surgery or have had your stoma for many years – you are entitled to a review.  AURs can take place in an organised clinic at your GP surgery or in the privacy of your own home if you prefer. Although the review is a thorough one it should only take around 30 minutes. Though this can vary, your stoma nurse certainly won't put any time limit on your consultation.

What happens during an AUR?

During an appliance usage review your stoma nurse will:

  1. begin with the paperwork ensuring your personal details are correct
  2. confirm when your surgery took place to ensure all advice is appropriate
  3. discuss the type of stoma you have and how to manage it
  4. look at the products you're currently using and any repeat prescriptions
  5. establish if you're experiencing any issues such as sore skin
  6. remove your stoma bag for a visual inspection

Following the visual inspection and review of the products you are using, the nurse may be able to recommend different products or a change in your routine to deal with any issues. If the nurse believes you could benefit from using a different stoma bag for example, she will advise on what pouches to try and help organise for you to receive some.

What are the benefits of an AUR?

There are several benefits to attending an AUR.  Sometimes a stoma bag wearer can lose touch with their nurse and an AUR provides a new point of contact. Someone to talk to. It's important not to feel isolated

You also get a chance to look at new products. And to check the stoma bag you're currently using and whether it still suits you.

But the biggest positive is it gives you the chance to sit down with a nurse and talk through any issues you may be having.

Sore skin can be a problem for stoma bag wearers. Several things can cause this. Your stoma may have changed. It could have prolapsed or retracted. Your body too may have changed.

Some stoma bag wearers can experience weight gain in the months following surgery. This could lead to problems with the bag no longer fitting correctly. This in turn can lead to sore skin.

If you suffer with any of these issues, an AUR can identify the problem and your nurse will be able to offer advice on how to deal with it.

Lots of people with a stoma live with sore skin as they think it's normal. That it's an expected result of stoma surgery. But nobody should have to put up with sore skin.

An AUR can help in identifying sore skin as well as other issues, and gives the nurse a chance to look at your stoma first hand and the bag you're using. The nurse will be able to find out much more from actually seeing you in person rather than chatting on the phone.

The review will enable the nurse to recommend new products or show you how your current product can be used more effectively to eradicate the problem of sore skin. 

Rachel's story: How an appliance usage review helped me

Rachel found she was experiencing a variety of skin issues and didn’t know how to resolve the situation herself. Her symptoms varied between irritated skin under the baseplate as well as sore skin from the baseplate which seemed to be rubbing.

But the AUR gave the nurse an opportunity to review the products Rachel was using as well as her care routines.  The nurse was able to advise Rachel to begin using an adhesive remover.

Rachel said: “Sore skin drove me to distraction. The nurse advised the red bumps under the baseplate might be down to taking the bag off too quickly, causing micro trauma. She suggested I remove the bag a little slower using adhesive remover and it has definitely helped."

"She also helped me understand the rubbing problem I was experiencing could be caused by the inflexible material used in my particular baseplate. I hadn’t realised that some stoma products have thinner or tapered edges to their adhesives which can be more flexible. They're less likely to cause rubbing and friction.”

How can I get an appliance usage review?

You may feel comfortable with the products you're using and be in regular contact with your stoma nurse and may feel you don’t need an AUR. But, if you feel you would benefit from a stoma review, you can request one at any time. You don't have to wait for your GP to host a specific clinic.

You can contact the Amcare help line and ask for an AUR at home. We'll be happy to arrange this. Equally if you feel you just want to speak to someone for advice, we’re happy to answer questions over the phone – this may put your mind at rest.

If you're an Amcare Group customer or a me+™ member you can request a visit from one of our specialist stoma care nurses on 0800 085 2516 (UK) or 1800 818 988 (RoI), or by filling in the form here.

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