What prevents you from being more active with a stoma?

It is quite common to have concerns about becoming active after surgical recovery. You may be scared of people knowing about your stoma, concerned about causing a further injury or maybe just worried your bag will leak or fall off. It could be just a question of confidence.

For many, not knowing what the right amount of exercise is or should be can often prevent people getting started.

Questions around more specific activities such as swimming, running, cycling or lifting things are some of the frequent causes of inactivity following surgery.

All of these fears and concerns are perfectly understandable but can be overcome with the right advice and support.

The right product can help

When you’re active or thinking about starting to get active, having a stoma solution you can rely on is incredibly important.

ConvaTec Mouldable Technology™ has been specially designed to gently adjust to your stoma, giving you a snug
and secure fit without the need for scissors.

Whether you’re running a marathon, playing golf or simply tidying the garden, you can have complete peace of mind that your stoma solution won’t let you down.

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